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Is Print Marketing Dead?

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Thoughts on print advertising in a digital world.

You’ve heard it said, “Print advertising is dead!” But is this true? Is print marketing still relevant in 2023, or has it gone the way of the dodo? I’m exploring print design today and providing my thoughts on the “extinct” marketing strategy that is print.

Is print marketing dead?
Has print advertising really gone extinct?

It's 2023 and the world is rapidly changing each day. Technology has advanced, tastes of consumers have evolved, and marketing strategies are constantly evolving to keep up with these trends.

One question that business owners should be asking themselves is: Is print advertising still relevant in this digital age?

On one hand, there is an increasing concern that traditional forms of advertising such as print ads will become increasingly obsolete in the coming years. But on the other hand, it could be argued that the physical presence of a printed advertisement still has its uses when it comes to attracting attention or delivering brand messaging.

12-page print brochure for Trout Lake Camps
12-page print brochure for Trout Lake Camps

Personally, I've seen many businesses benefit (and some thrive!) from print advertising. In my opinion, there are still plenty of valid reasons to use print advertising in our digital world today.

But how should you use print today and what are the advantages of print over digital marketing? In this blog post I'll explore why print advertising might still be a viable option for your business in 2023.

What are the advantages of print advertising over digital marketing?

When it comes to promoting your business and driving sales, there is a lot that goes into deciding what marketing methods to use. While digital forms of advertising have become increasingly popular in recent years, print continues to remain an effective and viable option for many businesses.

Some of the unique advantages of using print media for advertising purposes include:

  • Low cost per impression vs. digital advertising

  • Targeted reach via mailing addresses or in-person delivery

  • The tactile nature of direct mail pieces helps build lasting and strong connections with customers.

  • Another "point of contact" touch added to your overall marketing strategy

  • Great for targeted saturation of a market

  • Adds more relevance to your business. Helps you seem like a real company!

So whether you are looking into launching your first ad campaign or simply wanting to better understand various types of marketing channels available at your disposal, keep reading!

Add Print Design Into Your Overall Marketing Strategy!

Despite spending more time on the internet, print advertising remains an effective tool for modern businesses in today's market. We've seen how digital marketing has grown over the past few years and taken media by storm. However novel and powerful these new marketing trends are, they also come with a cost.

Biennial postcard design for Converge North Central
Biennial postcard design for Converge North Central

It may be worth exploring print advertising as a solution that can work within any budget while still having strength and potential to grow one’s business.

A good combination of digital and print methods can open up new opportunities when it comes to marketing. Careful analysis of the current market is essential for deciding which strategies would benefit each - this is where I come in. Investing in both digital and print marketing by experienced professionals can give your business further reach, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you hope to make waves with your next venture!

Learn more about my print marketing services if you’d like help designing sales flyers or physical advertisements to boost your brand identity.

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