Hello! My name is Shaun Binneboese, owner and operator of Forged Creative.


I started Forged in 2020 after seeing a great need in the Brainerd Lakes Area for quality websites, graphic design, and print marketing materials for an affordable price.


I’ve been in the advertising and marketing world for over 10 years now, starting out as a Marketing and Communications Specialist and growing into positions such as Creative Manager and Art Director. I’ve worked for nonprofits, a service-based ad agency, and a Fortune 500 company.


In all my years, I’ve acquired a variety of skills, marketing tools, and knowledge in order to be as well rounded in the world of design and marketing as possible.


What does this mean for you? When you choose Forged Creative, you have access to a full array of ad-agency knowledge and experience without the overhead, bloated cost of the agency price. When you work with me, you have a direct line to the designer, copywriter, account manager, web designer, sales professional, art director, and owner.


More streamlined, faster turnaround, less money.

Calm Waters


I truly believe Forged is the best place to spend your advertising budget.

Am I the cheapest? Definitely not, and I don’t try to be. Own a business for any amount of time and you will quickly learn cheap does not equal good. Cutting corners, inexperience, or limited abilities are all reasons why getting the best price will more than likely result in frustration and inevitably cost more in the long run.

Additionally, I never try to hide my costs by promoting a lower price initially and then tacking on unforeseen fees and expenses down the road.

Am I the most expensive? Not at all. But paying a premium dollar doesn’t always mean money well spent. You could be seeing good results but be paying way too much for those services. Worse yet, you might be spending money on ongoing costs and have no idea what you’re actually paying for.

At Forged, I do my best to offer transparent and affordable services at a fair price that not only includes incredible value and experience, but ensures my business and yours are both able to grow sustainably for years to come.


If you're ready to take your business to the next level, so am I!