Your website is your digital storefront. Well-designed, user-friendly sites are 24/7 marketing machines – winning clients and business, even when you’re not around.


A poorly designed website can lead to customer confusion and frustration, ultimately resulting in lost sales due to high bounce rates.


Show your customers that you mean business with a freshly designed website.


My website process is a little different than most web agencies.


Some companies use the “one-and-done” approach. They design the site, hand you the keys, and move on to a new client. But what if you forgot to add that one section to that one page after launch? Odds are, you’re either on your own or have to pay a website professional to fix it on top of what you’ve already invested.


Other agencies prefer the “forever paying” approach. Generally, these websites are “free” upfront, but you pay ongoing, monthly maintenance fees forever moving forward. Great for ongoing updates and SEO, but do you really need to be paying the same monthly rate on your website forever?

With Forged, you pay one, low monthly rate over a 12-month contract, which includes the cost of the website, web hosting, domain hosting and monthly maintenance hours after launch. By the end of the contract, you'll have a fully complete website set to your specifications and I don’t overstay my welcome.



Below is an example of how a typical website process works.

Autumn Road


If you’re looking for help understanding how to set your website up for success and what you should be doing to boost your SEO, a simple consultation meeting is a great start!


In-person meeting or video call

  • 1-2 hour consultation meeting. We'll the strengths and weaknesses of your website, how SEO works, what tools you should be making use of for your site, and what you can do to set your website up for success.

  • An SEO Keyword + Search Term Report tailored to your business highlighting the leading keywords in your industry you should be focusing on based on leading data.


All of my websites are custom-built to fit the needs of the businesses I work with.




My website contracts include the cost of the website in one, low price, plus:

  • One year of web hosting

  • One year of domain hosting (if needed)

  • SEO-focused text in page descriptions and content

  • An SEO Keyword + Search Term Report

  • Google Business Profile setup (if needed)

  • Google Search Console submission (if needed)

  • 2 hours of monthly website maintenance after the website launches

  • Quarterly reporting on website performance

*Price shown includes work for a "standard" website. If your website needs are more complex, such as scheduling software integration, eCommerce needs (online sales + inventory management), membership portals or databases, involves large amount of data migration, or is for whatever reason a more complex site, I will discuss this early on and build a custom quote for you.




If you're ready to take your business to the next level, so am I!